Our client’s house in Mt Tamborine was bursting out of its seams and urgently needed extra space for their family of four. The house was an old asbestos cladded building that showcased the most beautiful surroundings and views.

We therefore wanted to cause as little disturbance to the existing building, being asbestos, as possible, as well as ensure that any disruption during construction was kept to a minimum.

After evaluation of the house, we decided to provide a fresh and new addition that was simple in form. We wanted to acknowledge the existing building while adding additional space to enable the family to comfortably live in. Our plan was to provide 2 more bedrooms on the ground floor, each with a small deck and a new living room and deck on the first floor to capitalise those magical views.

The result was a beautiful and comfortable 2-storey open-planned family home with stunning views of Mt Tamborine. 




The client requested a two classroom prep facility for pre-school children with central service such as kitchen and art room spaces. Outside, we provided spaces that includes play equipment and sand pits under a sail roofed areas. The roofed sails were modelled and placed in such a way to provide maximum protection from the sun during play times.

The building is a very simple and functional form that became an asset for the school to accommodate pre-school kids. The design support spaces flowing from the inside of the two large classrooms to the outside play area, while sharing the functional central spaces.

Although the outside space is fenced and separated from the remainder of the school, it is visually well connected with the rest of the school. Courtesy of Elevation Architecture Studio



Anton not only complemented our ideas with clever design suggestions, his fundamental knowledge of construction principles and building materials were a true enabler for our building project. Well done, thank you!

Steffen & Colette
New Home Owners

This was our first time going through the building process and Anton went above and beyond in the work he did for us – often giving helpful tips/advice that other designers had not even thought to mention. The completed design was exactly what we were after and we have no hesitation recommending Anton and InForm Design Studio to anyone needing design work done.

Adam & Mel
New Home Owners

Anton was professional, courteous and patient. Often working weekends to keep my job moving. I was really impressed with his knowledge and advice throughout, and with the final sketches. He also did a great job co-ordinating the surveyor and town planner. Thanks Anton!

New Commercial Owner