This was a very purposeful project that we loved being involved in.

Our client requested a shed-like multi-use youth space. The building were to achieve low budget and be passive ventilated to  accommodate high volume, high tone and base concerts from a nearby residential area. Also included on the site was to be a skate park and amenity building.

In consultation with our Acoustic Engineer, we adopted a heavy sound insulated and a passive ventilation (three bend sound insulated and passive ventilated) system that would accommodate and include rock bands who performed high sound and bass volumes. 

We also asked local youths and graffiti artists to assist with the external decoration of the building. This was a strategy which included the coummunity in the aesthetics and ownership of the building.

Rather than fearing vandalism, we embraced street art.  

This resulted in an interesting architecture of a shed-like building with human scale elements, passively ventilated with heavy sound insulation properties. Courtesy of Complete Urban




The client requested a two classroom prep facility for pre-school children with central service such as kitchen and art room spaces. Outside, we provided spaces that includes play equipment and sand pits under a sail roofed areas. The roofed sails were modelled and placed in such a way to provide maximum protection from the sun during play times.

The building is a very simple and functional form that became an asset for the school to accommodate pre-school kids. The design support spaces flowing from the inside of the two large classrooms to the outside play area, while sharing the functional central spaces.

Although the outside space is fenced and separated from the remainder of the school, it is visually well connected with the rest of the school. Courtesy of Elevation Architecture Studio



Anton not only complemented our ideas with clever design suggestions, his fundamental knowledge of construction principles and building materials were a true enabler for our building project. Well done, thank you!

Steffen & Colette
New Home Owners

This was our first time going through the building process and Anton went above and beyond in the work he did for us – often giving helpful tips/advice that other designers had not even thought to mention. The completed design was exactly what we were after and we have no hesitation recommending Anton and InForm Design Studio to anyone needing design work done.

Adam & Mel
New Home Owners

Anton was professional, courteous and patient. Often working weekends to keep my job moving. I was really impressed with his knowledge and advice throughout, and with the final sketches. He also did a great job co-ordinating the surveyor and town planner. Thanks Anton!

New Commercial Owner